UpSkill 2021: Taking Career Development to the Next Level

Congratulations, you have leveled up! Please choose what skill you would like to improve on.


UP CAPES introduces its newest event series this year as its latest attempt in providing more opportunities for engineering students to further their personal and career growth. As young college students, it may be difficult at times to identify how to hone the skill sets which would be most valuable in our professions. In response to this, CAPES has invited experts from multiple industries to teach relevant work skills and provide job-related insights over the course of the week’s events, that students may use to take their career planning to the next level. 


Managing career development through Workshop

Opening the first event of this series, CAPES invited Engr. Evangeline Duron-De Leon and Mgr. Patrick Pita as authorities in discussing the topic of project management last December 6 through Zoom and Facebook Live. Both experienced professionals in their respective industries, the speakers tackled different aspects of project planning and imparted invaluable insights to the eager attendees. Up first, Engr. Duron-De Leon went through the relevant management technical skills used in projects, and touched upon the various stages of project planning. This was followed subsequently by Mgr. Pita’s discussion on strategic planning, which focused on the thought processes and soft skills advantageous in project management.


Getting up close & personal with Mentorship Sessions

Every engineering student is unique in the career path that they will choose. Knowing this, UpSkill has provided its participants the exclusive opportunity to meet and connect with industry experts of their choosing, either individually or in intimate groups of not more than 3 other engineering students at a time. These more intimate sessions gave students the opportunity to gain personally valuable insights, ask pertinent questions, and acquire tailor-made advice specifically for each participant. From a wide range of 62 mentors from the various fields of engineering made available to the students, there was a sure top-notch adviser for every career imaginable. Over a hundred mentees participated in these sessions, which were held in 30-minute intervals through Zoom from December 7th until the 11th. 


The full list of mentors per engineering department can be found in the following Facebook posts:





Picking up new tricks in Crash Courses

Keeping the learning momentum, UpSkill capped off its events with a series of Crash Courses geared towards providing attendees a run-through of valuable technical skills they can work on to advance their future careers. Mr. Julian Carlo Barbadillo delved into Data Analytics with Microsoft Excel while Mr. Joie Angelo Llantero explored Programming with Python in crash course videos uploaded in UP CAPES Youtube channel last December 14 and 16, respectively. 


Check out the UpSkill Crash Course videos here:


Data Analytics with Microsoft Excel
Part 1 |

Part 2 |


Programming with Python
Part 1 |

Part 2 |


Taking it up a notch with Skills Infographics

Aside from interactive and career-boosting sessions, UpSkill also emphasized various soft skills pertinent to career success through the Skills Infographics posted in UP CAPES social media accounts. Last December 10, UpSkill featured Communication and Presentation skills by introducing different communication styles and when to use them. In a similar fashion, the event also gave highlight to Time Management skills by presenting its overview, importance, and various tips and strategies in its practice including a bonus on helpful time management techniques.


Take a look at these informative infographics to boost your skills:


Communication and Presentation
December 10 |


Time Management
December 11 |

December 12 |


Advancing careers with friends – Social Media Challenges!

It’s a scavenger hunt! The first social media challenge tested the enthusiastic participants’ attention to detail as they were tasked to count the number of UpSkill logos in all posted pubs for the event. Once they had the answer, they were also encouraged to tag their friends, for a chance to win various exciting prizes!


The second social media challenge examined the power of friendship even further, as participants were required to feature their friends in a Facebook post. One lucky winner walked away with a huge cash prize for joining in.


In its inaugural launch, UpSkill has elevated once more how CAPES serves the engineering student community of the university in preparing them for their careers. The variety of seminars and workshops in this event series hopefully introduced to participants the specific skills needed to flourish in different industries, and helped prepare them for success in the next stage of their lives.


Written by Kevin Joseph Ramirez