Career Series 2021: Lay the Groundwork to your Dream Career

Lay the Groundwork to Your Dream Career!

This November 2021, UP CAPES is bringing you the second installment of the virtual Career Series a series of talks specializing on the different career tracks for each department or institute in the College of Engineering. Break ground on your career building by attending interactive sessions and engaging talks tailored to your prospective career paths on November 8 to 17. 


Department Talks

November 8-13
Zoom, Facebook Live

The Academe and Government Day allows students to have a feel of a potential career in academe, government offices, and post-graduate studies.

Academe and Government Day

November 15, 5:00-6:30 PM
Zoom, Facebook Live

The Department Talks will consist of an hour and a half sessions dedicated to each department or institute and will feature speakers specializing on the fields related to the courses they offer.

Unconventional Engineering Day

November 16, 5:30-7:00 PM
Zoom, Facebook Live

The Unconventional Engineering Day opens students to possible career tracks in unconventional fields such as Aerospace & Space Systems Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Food Engineering!

Student Sessions

November 17

The Students Sessions help freshmen and sophomores navigate their departmental life better by listening to the experiences and advice of their upperclassmen in the college.



Career Series 2021 is open to all UP College of Engineering students! Stay tuned to the UP CAPES Facebook page at to get the latest information and updates on upcoming events by the organization.


Written by Honeylene Trinchera