Career Series 2021: Carving the Pathway to your Dream Career

From department talks to unconventional engineering field seminars, UP CAPES’ Career Series has got the backs of forward-thinking engineering students from all around the campus, equipping them with knowledge and information to get them geared up for their career tracks.

Into the Familiar Territories: Department Days

This year’s Career Series hit the ground running with talks by experts from different engineering disciplines. With talks from each department led by distinguished speakers, engineering students from every department are given the opportunity to build their base. The departmental seminars premiered on Nov. 8, 2021 via Zoom and Facebook Live, and ended on the 15th. 


Check out the full list of speakers for the Department Talks in the official Facebook page of UP CAPES:

Che Talk | CS Talk | EEE Talk | GE Talk | IE Talk | ME Talk | MMM Talk | CE Talk

Into the Wild: Academe and Government Day

Coming after each of their departments’ engaging talks, the engineering students were introduced to the known yet feared academic and government sectors as their possible career paths for the future. To start off, the UP CAPES had Engr. Renee Agnes Vizmanos and Dr. John-John Cabibihan to show the Academe side of the path — with the former speaker being currently a PhD student whilst the latter being an Associate Professor, both of which in their respective engineering fields. Capping the day was Engr. Philip Martinez from the Department of Science and Technology – Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST – ASTI) who showed how it was like to work under the government as an engineer and as a researcher. The said series of talks were held via Zoom and Facebook Live last November 15, 2021.


Into the Unknown: Unconventional Engineering Day

Now following from their already familiar paths, this year’s Career Series also introduced the engineering students to unconventional engineering fields which are quite far away from their usual departmental career tracks. Held on November 16, 2021 via Zoom and Facebook Live, the introduced engineering fields were Aerospace & Space Systems Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Food Engineering which were respectively hosted by Engr. Delburg Mitchao, Mr. Jude Sasing, and Engr. Carlito Balingbing. The inclusion of this part of the Career Series resulted in the most number of participants of all talks—engaging about 191 engineering students coming from different departments. 


The Sweet Ending: Student Sessions

Ending this year’s Career Series was the newly-added “Student Sessions” which was held via Zoom on November 17, 2021. With the hopes of engaging more freshman and sophomore engineering students to face and plan their career paths early on, UP CAPES gathered upperclassmen from each engineering department to interact with the said target students and talk about topics that are relevant to their careers and respective degree programs. Here, the student participants were segmented into breakout rooms depending on the respective departments that they signed up for and were given time to ask away their questions to their assigned upperclassmen. 


Facing our own career paths definitely is a daunting task; finding it, much harder. 

Even within our respective engineering tracks shows an arsenal of many different paths to take already. Whether it be in our own niche, or onto the wild sectors of the government and academe, or much even onto the unknown facets of unconventional engineering fields —the pathway to our dream careers fares to be an endless array of possibilities. And knowing these array of possibilities is the first step in carving our pathway to our dream careers; to know what’s out there than we can grab and reach. This is what UP CAPES, through the Career Series 2021, has brought forth to the engineering students of UP Diliman.


Written by Karl Efraim Duldulao & Jalen Christoffer Tadeja