Career ABC’s: Building Your Career in the New Normal

Building your career base kicks off in college, however, the persisting pandemic has shifted the university experience outside the campus and into the safety of our own homes. With the limited setting, we should not wait until our lives get back to normal before we decide to up our career game. Check out these tips to learn how you can tailor your career development to the new normal.

Assess Options

With the changes brought by the pandemic, it is important to be able to reevaluate our career decisions from a new perspective. The expected aftermath from the pandemic could have changed the vision we had of our future prior to 2020. It is very crucial to be able to plan out for future opportunities while assessing our options from the current landscape.

Be Proactive

In-person activities have been limited due to pandemic restrictions, which is why students should be more proactive towards maximizing opportunities for career development. Building your network and skills online have become more convenient as online platforms expanded their utility for helping students launch their careers. Online courses are now accessible for people who want to supplement their technical knowledge at the comfort of their own homes. Many job opportunities have also opened up even for undergraduate students who want to gain valuable work experience that will boost their employability for internships or even job prospects upon graduation.

Commit to your Goals

No plans would come to fruition without employing the necessary actions to achieve them. Even in this limited setup, being committed to what we set our mind to could help us in making decisions that are aligned with our goals. The opportunities amidst the pandemic have demonstrated to us how we can still continue towards building our future even without the conventional tools that in-person experiences and activities can provide. 

The pandemic may have limited the campus experience, but opportunities will present themselves as long as we keep ourselves motivated to accomplish our career goals. Carefully evaluating our options, practicing proactive behavior, and staying committed to our goals can help us better position ourselves towards career success, 


Written by Honeylene Trinchera