#BuildYourBase: What Students should Focus on while in College

“What’s next after college?” —whether you are already a college senior or just starting out as a freshie, this question has probably crossed your mind at least once. 

With the heights of the pandemic situation and the current virtual setup, the crossroads that await post-graduation have become more uncertain than ever as career opportunities have slightly become limited and more competitive. 

The catchphrase “studying well would land you a great career” had, day by day, become blurry. Nowadays, career opportunities demand more than just a diploma and good grades —having professional experience and development is a huge plus! Here are some things that you can start working early on to better your chances of achieving your own career goals:


Engaging in career-related platforms such as LinkedIn is a must for one’s professional development. These platforms make networking possible career opportunities a lot easier and more efficient. LinkedIn is also a good platform for you to stack and list on your projects, events, and other curriculars which may come in handy when you’re preparing your resumé.



Proficiency in Microsoft-based and other relevant applications has become pretty much a requirement by job hirings these days. Even more, being skillful in the use of career-specific applications like CAD or MatLab may increase your employability to other companies. Investing your time in educational workshops or lessons that teach you such may also be a good addition to your resumé.



Having certain soft skills —such as leadership, communicability, and critical thinking —is a significant criterion of many hiring companies. By joining in career-related or other relevant organizations, you are able to expose yourself in situations that can help you develop and improve your soft skills. Further, this can also help you expand your network which could be useful for your career in the future.



Aside from being a great addition to your resumé, partaking in these activities actually help you in solidifying your base. Workshops and webinars add a different perspective to your existing knowledge whereas internships give you an experience of what’s yet to come after college. All of these are vital in the holistic development of your career. 


As college students, our walls of learning shouldn’t be enclosed within our academics; also investing your time on these four things will be helpful for your professional career. But just like in our academics, we are entitled to our own different pacing in life so whether you are a college senior or even a freshie, it is never too late to build your base.


Written by Karl Efraim Duldulao