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March 1 onwards via email

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PAG-ASA STEEL WORKS, INC. has been producing the finest quality steel bars since 1964. Established by Mr. Francisco S. Tong, an industry pioneer whose work in the Philippine steel industry began in 1948, the company has built up a solid reputation for superior quality, excellent service, and competitive prices, has grown into the leading producer of concrete-reinforcement steel bars in the Philippines today.

True to our commitment to nation-building and continuous service to the industry, our company has actively supplied rebar to some of the Philippines' most renowned landmarks - public infrastructure, private homes, affordable housing, massive commercial and industrial projects, universities, churches, museums. From high-rise buildings to bridges and aqueducts, vertical, horizontal structures around the archipelago contain PAG-ASA STEEL.

The vision of a vibrant and competitive company - driven by excellence, nation-building, and making a real difference in the lives of Filipinos - remains fresh and relevant as ever.

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