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Coding Coach (Web, Data Science, ML, AI, Web3)

We're looking for Coding Coaches all year round, priority will be given to someone who is available around March - August. The Coding Coach will deliver the company's course contents to help the students get ahead and develop skills learned beyond the classrooms.

Learning Manager - We're looking for a learning manager that will oversee all of the courses that TCS offer. The Learning manager is also expected to suggest new classes to expand the current list of classes. Start of application will be in March 2023.

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The Coding School / is the leading coding and design after-school and summer camp provider that enables kids, teens, and adults to be a creator, inventor, innovator for the new future through the promotion of lifelong learning and teaching the essential digital skills. It is a community that encourages students to participate in activities related to programming, web development, robotics, and engineering. Their goal is to create an interactive and enjoyable platform while enhancing the student's critical thinking and problem-solving skills, creativity, and inventiveness.

The Coding School / offer classes that are held by peer coaches from top ranking universities who go through an intensive in-house training program. They offer 7 learning pathways that include: Coding Basics, Game Development, Digital Literacy, Web Development, Data Science, Graphic Design, and Robotics. Moreover, their mission is to "inspire every person with the love for learning to thrive in #theNewFuture."

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