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Hello, every one. This is CBS Techno Co. Ltd.

Thank you so much for interested in our company.

We have been hiring top students from all over the world such as Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and India.

We recruit you, educate, prepare and dispatch you to top engineering companies in Japan. Do not worry for not speaking Japanese now, we will teach you Japanese from beginning and also engineering skills. 

Please come join us for incredible and great opportunity working in top engineering company in Japan.

We will explain more details in job fair.

We wish you're joining and looking forward to working together in Japan.

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Having high-level engineers from China, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the countries of Southeast Asia, CBS Techno Corporation takes a comparative advantage at technology research and development especially in the field of machines, electronics, software, chemicals, and medicines. We have earned high trust from amongst customers through our “Total Technical Outsourcing Services” to them.

Established in 1995, situated in Nagoya, Japan

Engineering development of the automobile and human resource company of engineers

Business relationship with Toyota Motor Corporation and other global companies in Japan.

We have over 180 engineering specialists who work for famous technology companies in Japan.

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