A service organization by the students and for the students.

The UP Career Assistance Program for Engineering Students is a service organization by the students and for the students. Working hand-in-hand with the College of Engineering, it designs and hosts events that produce competent, self-assured graduates who shape their respective fields. Holding service and excellence above all, our passionate members strive to create valuable new opportunities that are accessible and attainable by every engineering student. Through our yearly Career Events Series and the Engineering Jobfair, we equip students with vital skills, connections, and exposure needed to qualify for their dream jobs.

Our beneficiaries include the Engineering Student Council, the Engineering Admin, and the UP CAPES Grantees.

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UP CAPES is the country's premier career-oriented organization that, through the commitment of its competent and unified members, positions the UP College of Engineering as a globally competitive institution geared towards nation-building.


UP CAPES aims to bridge the gap between engineering students and their future careers through relevant campaigns and impactful initiatives focused on career development and networking, in dynamic partnership with its esteemed affliates.

Our Advocacy

For years, the UP Career Assistance Program for Engineering Students has stood on the forefront of creating opportunities and opening doors for the Filipino Engineer. On its 29th year, UP CAPES continues on this path of raising a generation of engineers geared towards national service and development. It is the hope of CAPES to leave a lasting mark on the country, to bring a sense of service to the generations of engineering students to come. This is not just an advocacy but what UP CAPES lives and thrives upon, it is our purpose. As not just students but as Iskolars ng Bayan, there is a greater calling to serve the nation and bring forth a better tomorrow. UP CAPES, Engineering the Filipino Future.

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  • 1991
    CAPES was started as a project by the Engineering Student Council ‘91-’92
  • 1992
    The first Jobfair, then called Expo, was held featuring twelve companies and institutions
  • 2007
    UP CAPES was formally recognized as an official organization of the College of Engineering
  • 2013
    The I Am the Philippine Engineer campaign, CAPES Card, and Company Mixer were launched
  • 2015
    CAPES Grants was established and was called Engineering Fighting Fund in AY ‘16-’17
  • 2017
    The Engineering the Filipino Future campaign was launched